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Home Inspection Vancouver Accurate Inspections provides complete inspections for your residential property. We take a holistic approach, visually inspecting your home with careful attention to detail. We use non-destructive investigative tools such as: moisture meters, gas leak detectors, infrared thermometers to achieve the best possible results. We will assess the current condition of:

  • structure and foundation
  • roofing, gutters and drainage
  • attics
  • plumbing and electrical systems
  • porches, decks
  • ventilation and insulation
  • garages
  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • your overall lot or yard
  • ceilings, walls, floors and more.

With Accurate Inspections, you can be sure that any problems to your home are identified. Our professionals are specially trained to bring you the best results. We provide a guarantee on all our workmanship. Protect your investment today by contacting us.

The home inspection process

When our inspectors arrive at your property, they will perform visual inspection of the accessible systems of your house. This usually takes 3-5 hours. After your inspection, we are available to answer any questions you may have; you’ll be provided with a detailed report on the condition of your home. The cost of a complete home inspection is low in comparison to the value of the information you’ll receive. With your report, you can make more informed decisions on whether to buy or sell your property. Accurate Inspections can also recommend what repairs you need to make and roughly how much these will cost.

Your potential home is the best investment you will make. Learn how to protect it with a quality-assured home inspection.

Here are some examples of common discovered problems during routine inspection

Cracked foundation walls.
House Inspection New House Inspection


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