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Home Inspection Service Vancouver

Accurate Inspections offers specialized services for first time homebuyers, repeat buyers, home sellers and new warranty owners.

Our professionals are very familiar with the problems that affect Lower Mainland homes. As a result of heavy rainfall, we frequently see water and moisture problems.

Only a thorough inspection of your property can determine what issues you may face in the future. Eliminate risks by knowing the condition of your home before you buy or sell.

Types of Inspections

We inspect the complete system of your house, leaving no stone unturned. What we look for depends on what type of property you have:

House inspections

You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the mileage; the same goes for your home. You will relax with a complete Vancouver house inspection, knowing that your property is fully-inspected. Reduce your risk by learning what repairs need to be made—and how much they could cost you.

Townhouse inspections

A complete townhouse inspection can screen for potential water problems due to our moist climate. For example, inadequate roof overhangs expose your walls to rain damage. Townhouses can be prone to leakage, and we know what elements to look for to minimize your risk.

Condo inspections

It is essential for your condo to be well inspected. Accurate Inspections can help you report any deficiencies to your management company while your condo is still under warranty. Certain balcony and desk designs can lead to significant leak problems. Ensure your safety and comfort by booking a condo inspection as soon as possible.

Contact Accurate Inspections for more information on how to protect your home. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Here are some examples of common discovered problems during routine inspection

Cracked exterior stucco.
House Inspection Services Condo Inspections in Vancouver


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